Arland Tool and Manufacturing


Arland is a full-service machine shop and engineering facility. Capabilities include: engineering services, rotor coil manufacturing, precision machining, 5-axis waterjet, weld fabrication, weld inlays, PTA cladding, assembly and part kitting.

Our 100,000-square-foot machining facility is equipped with more than 45 CNC Machining tools that enable us to fulfill a vast variety of customer requirements. Our dedicated rotor coil facility has the capacity to manufacture production coils or make a prototype for any size generator. Our waterjet capability offers a turnkey solution for component manufacture and our highly skilled and certified welders supply many types of welding services with the utmost attention to quality and superior performance.

We can also provide tooling design, engineering and prototyping services, as well as a full range of assembly and sub-assembly services.

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